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The Korean Journal of Hepatology 1996;2(2): 186-197.
원저 : 간동맥 조영술을 시행한 장경 5 cm 이하의 간암 환자에서 치료방법 , 간기능에 따른 치료성적 ( Original Articles : Treatment outcome of the patients with small hepatoma ( ≤ 5 cm in diameter ) in relation to treatment modalities and underlying liver fun
Treatment outcome of the patients with small hepatoma ( ≤ 5 cm in diameter ) in relation to treatment modalities and underlying liver function
Kun Hoon Song , Kwang Hyub Han , Young Myung Moon , Chae Yoon Chon , Won Choi , Kwan Sik Lee , In Suh Park , Byong Ro Kim , Jong Tae Lee
. To compare treatment outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) under the size of 5 cm in relation to underlying liver function and treatment modalities, analysis of data from 145 patients was performed. Methods '. In this study, the records of 145 patients with small HCC (< 5 cm in diameter determined by hepatic angiography) were reviewed. Clinical parameters were analyzed and survival rate, recurrence rate were calculated. Results '. There were 107(73.8%) men and 38 women. Mean age at diagnosis was 55.1(range .' 25 83 year-old). HBsAg was detected in 97(66.9%) patients. Seventy two(50.0%) patients showed markedly elevated(>40 ng/mL) serum alpha-fetoprotein(AFP) level. Liver cirrhosis was associated in 109(75.2%) patients. Sixty five(44.8%) patients underwent surge, 63(43.5%) underwent transarterial therapy(TAT), 8(5.5%) underwent other modalities of therapy and the remaining 9(6.2% ) patients did not receive any specific treatment for HCC. In relation to the underlying liver function, 119(82.1% ) patients belonged to the non-cirrhotic or Child-Pugh class A, 20(13.8%) to class B and 6(4.1%) to class C. The median follow-up duration was 21 months. When analyzed with respect to treatment modalities alone, median survival was 43 months for all patients, 60 months for surgery, 29 months for TAT, 20 months for other treatment and 18 months for patients who received no specific treatment. Without considering liver function, cumulative 3 year survival rate was 68.6% for surgery, 43.9% for TAT, 29.2% for other treatment and 0% for no treatment. The survival rate for the patients who underwent surgery was significantly higher than for any other treatment modalities without considering the underlying liver function or in the non-cirrhotic/Child-Pugh class A(p<0.001). In patients whose tumor size was equal to or less than 3 cm, there was no difference in survival rate in relation to the treatment modalities when not considering the underlying liver function of each patient(p>0.05). But in patients classified as the non-cirrhotic/Child-Pugh class A, better survival was observed in the surgep group than the TAT group(p<0.05). The only factor influencing survival was the pre-treatment serum AFP level(p<0.05). The overall recurrence rate was 30.3%. For the entire patients, the factor significantly influencing the recurrence rate was the presence of underlying cirrhosis. When considering only the patients in the surgery group, the different types of surgical procedures significantly influenced the recurrence rate. Conclusion .' Surgery is the treatment of choice for patients with HCC equal to or smaller than 5 cm. But for those patients whose tumor size is less than 3 cm, TAT may be a reasonable alternative to surgep when the liver function is not adequate for hepatic resection. Because overall recurrence rate exceeded 30% and median time of recurrence was only 9.5 months after definitive treatment, careful follow-up is required for all patients who undergo treatment for small HCC.
KeyWords: hepatocellular carcinoma , surgery , transarterial therapy , survival , recurrence
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