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Therapeutic mechanisms and beneficial effects of non-antidiabetic drugs in chronic liver diseases
Han Ah Lee, Young Chang, Pil Soo Sung, Eileen L. Yoon, Hye Won Lee, Jeong-Ju Yoo, Young-Sun Lee, Jihyun An, Do Seon Song, Young Youn Cho, Seung Up Kim, Yoon Jun Kim
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2022;28(3):425-472.   Published online July 1, 2022
View: 6856   Download: 351  Web of Science: 12  Crossref: 13
Current status and strategies for hepatitis B control in Korea
Eun Ju Cho, Sung Eun Kim, Ki Tae Suk, Jihyun An, Soung Won Jeong, Woo Jin Chung, Yoon Jun Kim
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2017;23(3):205-211.   Published online September 19, 2017
View: 12421   Download: 285  Web of Science: 84  Crossref: 83
Current status and strategies for viral hepatitis control in Korea
Dong Hyun Sinn, Eun Ju Cho, Ji Hoon Kim, Do Young Kim, Yoon Jun Kim, Moon Seok Choi
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2017;23(3):189-195.   Published online September 19, 2017
View: 8512   Download: 241  Web of Science: 19  Crossref: 19
Management of viral hepatitis in liver transplant recipients
Soung Won Jeong, YoungRok Choi, Jin-Wook Kim
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2014;20(4):338-344.   Published online December 24, 2014
View: 8390   Download: 79  Web of Science: 3  Crossref: 3
Original Article
Socioeconomic costs of liver disease in Korea
Sunmi Lee, Woojin Chung, Kyung-Rae Hyun
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2011;17(4):274-291.   Published online December 26, 2011
View: 15651   Download: 52  Crossref: 21
Factors associated with Liver stiffness in chronic Liver disease
Da Mi Lee, M.D., Eun Joon Moon, M.D., Joo An Hwang, M.D., Min Suk Lee, M.D., Jae Youn Cheong, M.D., Sung Won Cho, M.D., Yeong Bae Kim, M.D. Dong Joon Kim, M.D. Seong Gyu Hwang, M.D. Jin Mo Yang, M.D.
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2009;15(4):464-473.   Published online December 31, 2009
View: 4564   Download: 31  Crossref: 4
Clinical Outcomes after Discontinuation of Lamivudine in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients with Lamivudine Resistant HBV Mutant
Jeong Ki Kim, M.D. Seong Gyu Hwang, M.D. Hyeuk Park, M.D. Hong Youp Choi, M.D. Hyo Jin Cho, B.S. Kwang Hyun Ko, M.D. Sung Pyo Hong, M.D. Pil Won Park, M.D. Nam Keun Kim, Ph.D. and Kyu Sung Rim, M.D.
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2005;11(3):227-242.   Published online January 1, 1970
View: 2911   Download: 14
Predictive Factors and Clinical Outcome of Viral Breakthrough during Lamivudine Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B Infection
Park Neunghwa , Sin Jeongu , Park Jongho , Bang Seongjo , Kim Daehyeon , Ju Gwanglo , Kim Doha
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2003;9(4):293-303.   Published online January 1, 1970
View: 2257   Download: 12
Efficacy of Lamivudine Re-treatment and Relapse Patterns after Initial Lamivudine Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B Infection
Jong Ho Park, M.D., Neung Hwa Park, M.D., Jung Woo Shin, M.D., Sung-Jo Bang, M.D., Dae-Hyun Kim, M.D., Kwang Ro Joo, M.D. and Do Ha Kim, M.D.
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2003;9(3):188-197.   Published online January 1, 1970
View: 2393   Download: 13
Special Oromucosal Cytokine Therapy : Mechanism(s) of Action
Michael G. Tovey
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2002;8(2):125-131.   Published online January 1, 1970
View: 3995   Download: 27
The Effect of Lamivudine Therapy for Chronic Liver Disease due to Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Neung Hwa Park,Kwang Ro Joo,Do Ha Kim
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2001;7(1):77-89.   Published online January 1, 2000
View: 2442   Download: 20
The Role of Dendritic Cell , HLA-DR and CD8+ Presenting Lymphocytes in Chronic Viral Hepatitis : An Immunohistochemical Study
Sang Wook Choi,Don Hyun Jo,Sung Soo Kim,Jin Mo Yang,Byung Min An,Nam Ik Han,Chang Don Lee,Gyu Won Jung,Hee Sik Sun
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2000;6(4):448-455.   Published online January 1, 2000
View: 1907   Download: 13
Clinical Study of the Acute Hepatitis due to Salmonella typhi
Sang Woo Lee,Seung Won Seo,Heyng Woong Yang,Jae Kyu Seong,Seung Min Lee,Byung Seok Lee,Nam Jae Kim,Heon Young Lee
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2000;6(3):350-359.   Published online January 1, 2000
View: 2386   Download: 36
Novel Maintenance Therapy with Lamivudine in Patients with Chronic Active Viral Hepatitis B
Sung Pyo Hong, M.D., Chang Il Kwon, M.D., June Sung Lee, M.D., Kyung Chul Kim, M.D., Sung Kyu Hwang, M.D., Pil Won Park, M.D., Gyu Sung Rim, M.D. and Sehyun Kim, Ph.D.
Clin Mol Hepatol. 2000;6(3):301-310.   Published online January 1, 2000
View: 2173   Download: 12
Evaluation of Oral Thymomodulin Effect on the Patients with Chronic Viral Hepatitis B
Chul Hun Chung , Soong Hwan Lee , Yong Hyeon Jo , Yeon Soo kim , Seung Woo Nam , Oh Young Lee , Dong Soo Ha , Joo Hyun Sohn , Dong Hoo Lee
Clin Mol Hepatol. 1996;2(1):47-53.
View: 3232   Download: 40
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