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NAFLD-based risk prediction of adverse pregnancy outcomes: ready for Prime time?
Seung Mi Lee, Won Kim
Received October 27, 2021  Accepted November 30, 2021  
Original Article
Protective association of Klotho rs495392 gene polymorphism against hepatic steatosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients
Wen-Yue Liu, Xiaofang Zhang, Gang Li, Liang-Jie Tang, Pei-Wu Zhu, Rafael S. Rios, Kenneth I. Zheng, Hong-Lei Ma, Xiao-Dong Wang, Qiuwei Pan, Robert J. de Knegt, Luca Valenti, Mohsen Ghanbari, Ming-Hua Zheng
Received September 20, 2021  Accepted November 27, 2021  
Review Article
The best predictive model for hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection
Jung Hwan Yu, Soon Gu Cho, Young-Joo Jin, Jin-Woo Lee
Received August 30, 2021  Accepted November 25, 2021  
Original Article
Surgery versus radiofrequency ablation in patients with Child- Pugh class-A/single small (≤3cm) hepatocellular carcinoma
Jungnam Lee, Young-Joo Jin, Seung Kak Shin, Jung Hyun Kwon, Sang Gyune Kim, Young Ju Suh, Yujin Jeong, Jung Hwan Yu, Jin-Woo Lee, Oh Sang Kwon, Soon Woo Nahm, Young Seok Kim
Received September 13, 2021  Accepted November 23, 2021  
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in pregnancy, paving the way for adverse pregnancy outcome risk assessment
Ja-Young Kwon
Received November 16, 2021  Accepted November 17, 2021  
Review Article
MAFLD Enhances Clinical Practice for Liver Disease in the Asia-Pacific region
Takumi Kawaguchi, Tsubasa Tsutsumi, Dan Nakano, Mohammed Eslam, Jacob George, Takuji Torimura
Received September 30, 2021  Accepted November 7, 2021  
Original Article
A cost-effectiveness study of universal screening for hepatitis C virus infection in South Korea: A societal perspective
Hye-Lin Kim, Kyung-Ah Kim, Gwang Hyun Choi, Eun Sun Jang, Moran Ki, Hwa Young Choi, Sook-Hyang Jeong
Received August 2, 2021  Accepted November 4, 2021  
U-shaped relationship between urea level and hepatic decompensation in chronic liver diseases
Huapeng Lin, Grace Lai-Hung Wong, Xinrong Zhang, Terry Cheuk-Fung Yip, Ken Liu, Yee Kit Tse, Vicki Wing-Ki Hui, Jimmy Che-To Lai, Henry Lik-Yuen Chan, Vincent Wai-Sun Wong
Received July 1, 2021  Accepted November 4, 2021  
Approaches to quantifying Hepatitis B Virus covalently closed circular (ccc)DNA
Henrik Zhang, Thomas Tu
Received August 31, 2021  Accepted October 21, 2021  
Crosstalk between tumor-associated macrophages and neighboring cells in hepatocellular carcinoma
Pil Soo Sung
Received September 27, 2021  Accepted October 18, 2021  
Original Article
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and early prediction of gestational diabetes using machine learning methods
Seung Mi Lee, Suhyun Hwangbo, Errol R. Norwitz, Ja Nam Koo, Ig Hwan Oh, Eun Saem Choi, Young Mi Jung, Sun Min Kim, Byoung Jae Kim, Sang Youn Kim, Gyoung Min Kim, Won Kim, Sae Kyung Joo, Sue Shin, Chan-Wook Park, Taesung Park, Joong Shin Park
Received June 17, 2021  Accepted October 14, 2021  
Cervicocerebral atherosclerosis and its hepatic and coronary risk factors in patients with liver cirrhosis
Jihyun An, Hyung-Don Kim, Seon-Ok Kim, Ha Il Kim, Gi-Won Song, Han Chu Lee, Ju Hyun Shim
Received July 15, 2021  Accepted October 11, 2021  
Review Article
Rajendran L, Ivanics T, Claasen MPAW, Muaddi H, Sapisochin G
Received July 22, 2021  Accepted October 3, 2021  
The role of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in patients with portal hypertension: advantages and pitfalls
Hae Lim Lee, Sung Won Lee
Received August 3, 2021  Accepted September 25, 2021  
Original Article
Hydar El Jamaly, Guy D Eslick, Martin Weltman
Received July 16, 2021  Accepted September 16, 2021  
Leaky Gut-Derived TNF-α Causes Sarcopenia in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis
Takumi Kawaguchi, Takuji Torimura
Received August 7, 2021  Accepted August 26, 2021  
Current knowledge about biomarkers of acute kidney injury in liver cirrhosis
Han Ah Lee, Yeon Seok Seo
Received May 29, 2021  Accepted July 28, 2021  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3350/cmh.2021.0148    [Epub ahead of print]
Toward a complete cure for chronic hepatitis B: Novel therapeutic targets for hepatitis B virus
Sun Woong Kim, Jun Sik Yoon, Minjong Lee, Yuri Cho
Received March 26, 2021  Accepted July 18, 2021  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3350/cmh.2021.0093    [Epub ahead of print]
Original Article
Association between serum TNF-α and sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis
Ji Won Han, Da In Kim, Hee Chul Nam, U Im Chang, Jin Mo Yang, Do Seon Song
Received March 15, 2021  Accepted June 30, 2021  

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